“0919雪饼”被捕事件综述(不断更新)An Overview of "0919 Huang&Wang" case, English version avaiable



This is an overview of the “0919 Huang&Wang” case (aka the Xuebing Case, an abbreviation of Huang Xueqin and Wang Jianbing’s first names). It will provide a comprehensive account of the secret arrest of “Xuebing”, as well as the ongoing progress of the case. We hope that friends from civil society community, media, and international community could continue to stay tuned, and support Huang and Wang. We urge the Guangzhou police to release them unconditionally. This document will be continuously updated (by 2021.11.19).

发生了什么?What Happened?


Feminist journalist Huang Xueqin and occupational disease advocate Wang Jianbing (nicknamed “pancake”, pronounced as “Jianbing” in Mandarin Chinese) were secretly taken away, last seen at Wang Jianbing’s apartment, since the afternoon of September 19, 2021. It was later confirmed that the two were arrested by the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau at around 3 pm that day on suspicion of “inciting subversion of state power”. It is also suspected that the two were placed under “Residential Surveillance at a Designated Residences” (RSDL), but the police did not send any formal notice to their families as legally required until the end of October. Huang Xueqin was planning to travel to Hong Kong International Airport via Shenzhen on September 20, 2021 to study in the United Kingdom, and Wang Jianbing had planned to accompany Huang part of the way.


On September 19, 2021, Wang Jianbing’s residence (#147-149, Xingang West Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China) was also raided by the police, and both of their belongings were seized. Moreover, the front door lock was changed, and the front door security camera was removed as well. By the time this overview is written, the police still refused to allow their families to enter the apartment to pack their belongings. At the end of September, Xueqin’s journals, which were left at her apartment, was also confiscated by the police, and Wang Jianbing’s Facebook account was also found to be logged in by the police.

雪饼是因为什么被抓?Why are they arrested?


It has been confirmed, according to multiple sources, that the main reason for the arrest of the two has to do with the casual social gatherings at Wang Jianbing’s apartment. The police has acquired photos and a list of nearly 40 people who had participated in the gatherings from footages collected by surveillance cameras that were installed at the front door of Jianbing’s apartment building. After the arrest of Huang&Wang, police also continuously harassed and summoned participants of the gatherings for interrogation, asking them to identify contents that they deemed as politically sensitive, and forcing participants to sign false confessions that were drafted and fabricated by the police themselves.


According to friends who had been to Wang Jianbing’s gatherings, Jianbing had long invited his friends to his apartment for tea and chat, since he is a huge tea lover. At the gatherings, participants mostly focused on sharing their daily lives, offering support to friends from their communities, especially to those who had been suffering from depression, exchanging views and ideas on charitable causes and arts and etc. In other words, there wasn’t any conversations about politically sensitive topics at the gatherings. In a nutshell, characterizing the gathering as an act of “inciting subversion of state power” is a deliberately malicious attempt of the Guangzhou police to frame the two as such.

雪饼是谁,做过什么?Who is Wang Jianbing and Huang Xueqin?


Wang Jianbing (born in 1983 in Tianshui, Gansu Province; independent labor activist): He has been engaged in non-profit work for over 16 years. After graduating from university in 2005, he joined the Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation in Beijing to engage in rural development work, acting as the Project Manager of the Rural Education Program for five years. This kicked off his career as a non-profit worker with a deep commitment to youth education and development. In 2014, he joined the GongMing Institute of Social Organization and Development as the Project Manager and Coordinator of their Youth Development Project as well as their Disabled Community Empowerment Project. Since 2018, he has taken on advocacy and service work for workers with occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis, providing necessary legal support. Wang was also a key supporter of the #MeToo movement in China.

黄雪琴,1988年生,广东韶关人。独立记者,曾任《新快报》及《南都周刊》的调查记者,关注性别、平权、官员贪污、企业污染、弱势群体等议题,也参与多起#MeToo案件的报道和为性侵害性骚扰受害人提供帮助和支持。黄雪琴本计划于2019年赴香港大学就读法学硕士,但后因发表香港“反送中”运动相关文章,于2019年10月17日被广州警方以“寻衅滋事罪”刑事拘留,后改“指定居所监视居住”至2020年1月17日取保获释。今年秋,黄雪琴成功获得英国志奋领奖学金支持,原计划于9月20日前往萨塞克斯大学(University of Sussex)就读性别与发展学硕士。

Huang Xueqin (born in 1988 in Shaoguan Prefecture, Guangdong Province; independent journalist): She has worked as an investigative reporter for News Express (xinkuai bao) and Southern Weekly. She focused on issues such as gender, affirmative action, official corruption, pollution from businesses, and marginalized groups. She also participated in many #MeToo campaigns to provide support and assistance to victims of sexual assault and harassment. Huang Xueqin planned to study for a master’s degree in law at the University of Hong Kong in 2019, but was criminally detained by Guangzhou police on October 17, 2019 for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.” After spending time in enforced disapparance (“residential surveillance in a designated location”), Huang was later released on bail on January 17, 2020. She had received a Chevening Scholarship earlier this year, a full scholarship to study for a master’s degree in Gender and Development at the University of Sussex. She was planning to leave for the UK on September 20.

抓人之后,警察还在做什么? What Are Police Doing?


Since Huang Xueqin and Wang Jianbing were arrested on September 19, 2021, Guangzhou police linked up with many public security departments across the country, summoning and interrogating over 40 people in Guangdong local and inter-provincial areas. Friends were forcibly asked to give statements and to unlock their electronic devices for the police. Police also searched their homes and copied files on their electronic devices. Those who were harassed include: individuals whom the police had identified as participants of the social gatherings using footages collected by the surveillance cameras that were installed at Jianbing’s apartment building, and mutual friends of Wang and Huang. The police interrogated and intimated them for up to 24 hours without any legal formalities. They were asked by the police to identify the specifics of the gatherings at Wang’s apartment, match names of the participants with photos taken by the surveillance cameras, and other social activities and personal networks of Huang and Wang. The police asked the friends to be silent about the case in public and not to reveal any details of the intergoration.


What is worse is that the police’s core strategy in handling the case is by forcing Huang and Wang’s friends to sign false statements fabricated by the police, otherwise threatened them with continual harassment from police and pressure on their families. Some friends were forced to sign these “statements” and to falsely accuse Huang and Wang of participating in training activities that subvert state power. The police also fabricated that the gatherings at Wang Jianbing’s home were political gatherings to criticize the government. We have reason to believe that Huang and Wang have continued to deny these allegations in prison, which is why the police had no choice but to change their strategies, which is to instead harass Huang and Wang’s friends and force them to sign false statements. These false statments are believed to be key evidences in a future trial. Until now, the Guangzhou police continue to harass and summon friends as means to obtain illegal evidence to use against Huang and Wang.

家属和律师遭遇了什么?What Happened to the Family and Lawyer?


On September 20, the second day after Wang and Huang were abducted by the police, Guangzhou police together with Gansu police went to Wang Jianbing’s hometown, threatening the family not to seek help about the case. Between September 28 - 30, Wang Jianbing’s family went to Guangzhou to look for him. They went to every level of the Guangzhou Security Bureau as well as to the Guangzhou Procuratorate to petition and lodge formal complaints, yet they did not receive any response. On September 30, Wang’s family member was questioned by Guangzhou police for over half an hour, and was told that Wang Jianbing was arrested by Guangzhou Public Security Bureau. But police refused to provide the family with any formal notice, instead asked the family to be silent about the case. In late October, Wang’s family went to Guangzhou again with Wang’s lawyer. They were again denied access to Wang’s apartment. The police also questioned the family again, and asked them not to disseminate any information regarding the case to others.


Regarding Wang Jianbing’s attorney: In the mid-October, Wang’s family appointed Guizhou attorney Xiao Yunyang to defend Wang Jianbing. On October 21, Attorney Xiao met with officer Wang from the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, and submitted to the case-handling authority a application to meet with Wang Jianbing and the power of attorney. In the weeks that followed, Guangzhou police used the excuse that they “required more time to verify the authenticity of the documents” and refused to recognize the lawyer as Wang’s legal representative. His application for a lawyer visit was also denied by the police, who cited the same excuse. They requested the lawyer to return and wait for a notice. The police have also hinted that “the case involves national security, so there’ll be difficulty in meeting with Wang”. Afterwards, Attorney Xiao contacted Guangzhou police several times to apply for a meeting with Wang. On November 19, the case-handling authority notified Attorney Xiao that his request to meet with Wang was not approved, nor was his application requesting Wang to be released on bail.

“雪饼案”两人最新情况(截至2022.01.25) Most Recent Updates


Latest updates of the case: On January 25, 2022, informed sources confirmed that Huang Xueqin is now being held at the Guangzhou Second Detention Center (Tangang Village, Shijing Town, Baiyun District) on charges of “inciting subversion of state power”. Previously, on November 5, 2021, Wang Jianbing’s family also received an “arrest notice” from the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, indicating that Wang Jianbing was detained at the Guangzhou No. 1 Detention Center for “inciting subversion of state power.


After being informed of the arrest in November, relatives and friends tried to deposit money for the two through the online prison remittance system of Guangzhou No. 1 Detention Center. When Huang and Wang’s names and ID numbers were entered, the system showed “verification failed” and the attempt to deposit also subsequently failed. Normally relatives and friends of detainees in Guangdong would be able to deposit money through this system. Failure to do so implies that the two’s detention location might be different from what’s indicated by the notice. The real location of the detention remains unknowable, as well as other basic informations, such as their health conditions.

“0919雪饼”被捕事件全时序(不断更新)Timeline of Arrest


The followings are the main timeline of 0919 “Xuebing” case. It will continued to be updated. Readers could also look up the past case briefings to find out more details.

  • 2021.09.19 雪饼强迫失踪:下午3点前后,广州警方于王建兵住处强行将王建兵和即将出国留学的黄雪琴一同抓走,并查抄了两人的私人财物。
  • 2021.09.19—至今,警方开始密集传唤雪饼朋友:广州警方联动全国多地公安部门,持续开始了本地或跨地区传唤或审讯,这段时间有超过40人被做笔录,且强行搜查和拷贝电子设备。被骚扰人员包括:警方从摄像头捕捉到的聚会人员名单以及与雪饼二人相关的朋友。直到现在,广州警方仍然持续地通过骚扰、传唤的方式来获取用于指控雪饼的非法证据。
  • 2021.09.20 王建兵老家被维稳:广州警察联同甘肃地方警察到王建兵老家进行维稳,威吓家属不得向外求助。
  • 2021.09.20 朋友屋物被强行查抄:下午5点,王建兵的朋友位于黄埔长洲用于储物的出租屋遭到警方强行撬锁进入搜查,并带走大量物品。
  • 2021.09 下旬,黄雪琴家中遗留日记本亦被查抄带走,王建兵本人Facebook也被警方登陆和采集证据。
  • 2021.09.28 王建兵家属广州寻人:王建兵家属奔走于广州各级公安部门,仅在海珠区新港派出所获知“黄雪琴和王建兵被广东公安抓捕”,并在公安系统中查到了采集两人信息的记录,该记录显示王建兵于9月26日进行了一次核酸检测。但新港派出所警方拒绝告知办案单位、具体强制措施、羁押地点等信息。
  • 2021.09.28-30 家属投诉相关办案部门:王建兵家属分别向广州市海珠区公安分局信访办、广州市公安局信访处、广东省公安厅信访室提交信访登记表,要求相关公安部门依法依规书面通知王建兵涉嫌罪名及被采取强制措施的情况;并向公安机关和民警违纪违法举报电话“12389”进行投诉,检举公安机关违规不通知当事人家属的行为。但家属至今没有收到上述任何任何一级部门的反馈。9月30日下午,王建兵家属前往广州市检察院投诉各级警方的种种推诿和非法作为,但广州市检察院却表示:“现在没法确定案件具体情况,没法介入监督”。
  • 2021.09.30 王建兵家属被约谈:三名不明身份人员(疑为广州市市公安局国保)在未出示工作证件和法律手续的情况下,对王建兵家属进行了半小时以上的约谈。国保明确告知“王建兵是广州市公安局抓的,但是不能向家属提供任何书面通知书,也不能告知罪名和目前被关押在何处”。同时,要求家属不要再到各级部门查问王建兵的情况,要对事件保持沉默。
  • 2021.10.20-21 律师申请会见被拒:王建兵家属随委托律师萧云阳再次来到广州。律师及家属于9月21日见到了广州市公安局的办案王警官,并向办案机关递交了委托手续。警方以“需要时间核实材料真实性”为由,拒绝承认律师的代理资格和会见申请,要求律师回去等核查通知。警方也暗示,“案件涉及国家安全,会见会有难度”。此后萧律师多次联系广州警方,未有回复。
  • 2021.11.05 收到逮捕通知书:王建兵家属收到了广州市公安局发出的“逮捕通知书”,编号为“穗公捕通字[2021]X2”,通知书显示王建兵已于10月27日被广州市公安局以涉嫌“煽动颠覆国家政权”的名义被执行逮捕,现拘留于广州市第一看守所。此前10月底,黄雪琴家属亦收到其逮捕通知书,编号应为相似的“穗公捕通字[2021]X1”。律师表示,“将再次申请会见”。
  • 2021.11.19 再次拒绝律师会见和取保候审:在王建兵家属收到逮捕通知书后,律师应王建兵家属要求再次书面向广州市公安局申请会见和取保候审,11月19日广州市警方回函告知,拒绝律师会见申请和取保候审申请。
  • 2021.11.19 家属无法为王建兵汇款:在9月份雪饼二人被抓之后、以及11月家属收到逮捕通知书后,家属和亲友多次尝试通过“粤省事”系统给两人所在看守所汇款,输入姓名和身份证后后,均提示“审核不通过”。因此即便逮捕通知书显示二人现拘于广州市第一看守所,给雪饼汇款异常,说明了雪饼的关押地点极有可能和逮捕书上的不一致。雪饼真实的关押地点、身体状况等基本情况,无从得知。
  • 2021.12.26 919雪饼事件的声援者发起“新年会有光,给雪饼寄张明信片”活动,国内各城市、台北、香港、伦敦、巴黎等地的声援者撰写明信片寄送至关押二人的广州市看守所,表达对警方恶意拘捕的抗议及对雪饼的思念。
  • 2022.1.25 据知情人士确认,MeToo行动者和独立记者黄雪琴现正被关押于广州市第二看守所 (白云区石井镇潭岗村),其与王建兵同被控以“煽动颠覆国家政权罪”自2021年9月19日消失至今超4个月。家属未能为其委托律师,也无法向其汇款,至今不知其身心健康状况。

  • 2021/09/19 Disappearance of Huang&Wang: Around 3 pm, the Guangzhou police secretly abducted Wang Jianbing and Huang Xueqin, who was leaving for the UK, at Wang Jianbing’s apartment and seized their personal belongings.
  • 2021/09/19- present, The police started to summon Huang&Wang’s friends for interrogation. The Guangzhou police, in conjunction with public security departments across the country, continued to initiate local or cross-regional interrogations. During this period, over 40 people were forced to make false statements against Wang and Huang. They were also forced to unlock their electronic devices to have their electronics files copied by the police. The people who were taken in for interrogation were friends of Huang and Wang, some of which were participants of the casual social gatherings at Wang’s apartment. Their identities were obtained by the police via surveillance camera footages. The police continued to summon and interrogate, as well as force Huang&Wang’s friends to sign false confessions fabricated by the police.
  • 2021/09/20 Wang Jianbing’s family were threatened to remain silent: the Guangzhou police went with the Gansu police (Wang Jianbing’s hometown is in Gansu province) to Wang Jianbing parents’ home, threatening his family not to seek any legal help on this case.
  • 2021/09/20 Wang’s friend’s apartment was unlawfully searched: An apartment of Wang’s friend for storage purpose, was broken in and searched unlawfully by the police. The police also confiscated a large number of files from the apartment.
  • Late 2021/09, Huang Xueqin’s journals were taken by the police from her apartment. Wang Jianbing’s Facebook account was forcibly logged into by the police to collect evidence.
  • 2021/09/28 Wang Jianbing’s family came to Guangzhou for him: Wang’s family went back and forth between different public security departments in Guangzhou to inquire about Wang’s whereabout. They only learned that “Huang Xueqin and Wang Jianbing were arrested by Guangdong police” at the Xingang police station in Haizhu District, and found a record of the two’s informations collected by the police in the public security system. The record showed that a Covid-19 test for Wang Jianbing was taken on September 26. However, the police at the Xingang Police Station refused to release informations such as the name of the case-handing department, whether any coercive measures were taken against the two, the location of the detention, or any other information.
  • 2021/09/28-30 Family lodged complaints against the department that arrested them. Wang Jianbing’s family submitted complaint forms to respective offices for Complaints and Proposals at the Haizhu District Public Security Bureau in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department. The family requested that, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country, the public security departments must notify them in writing of the charges against Wang and of the coercive measures taken thus far. They also filed complaints with the public security authorities and a city hotline “12389” for reporting disciplinary violations by the police. In their complaints, they reported the violation of the public security authorities for not notifying the family members about the status of Wang in their custody. To date, the family has not yet received any responses from any of the departments. On the afternoon of September 30, Wang’s family went to the Guangzhou Municipal Procuratorate to complain about the police shirking responsibility and engaging in illegal actions at all levels. When the family asked the city procuratorate to monitor and stop the illegal actions of the police, the official replied: “We can’t confirm the details of the case now, so we can’t intervene to supervise.”
  • 2021/09/30 Wang Jianbing’s family were summoned: On the evening of September 30, Wang’d family member was interrogated by three unidentified people, who are suspected to be from the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, for over half an hour. They did not show any official documentation for provide legal justification. The suspected Public Security officials clearly told the family that “Wang Jianbing was arrested by the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, but they could neither provide any written notification to the family, nor tell them what the charges are and where they were currently being held.” The family was further instructed to stop asking questions about Wang at all levels and to remain silent about the case.
  • 2021/10/20-21 Attorney request to meet with Wang was denied: Wang Jianbing’s family as well as their attorney Xiao Yunyang went to Guangzhou. The family and the attorney met with police officer Wang from the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau on September 21 and submitted the Power of Attorney form to the case-handling department. The police refused to recognize the lawyer’s qualifications and meeting request on the grounds that it “needs time to verify the authenticity of the documents”, and asked the attorney to go back and wait for the verification notice. The police also hinted that “the case involves national security and it’s difficult to arrange the meeting”. Later on Attorney Xiao contacted the Guangzhou police many times and no reply was received.
  • 2021/11/05 Family got Notice of Arrest: Wang Jianbing’s family received an “Notice of Arrest” issued by the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, numbered ‘Sui Public Security Bureau arrest notice [2021] X2’. The notice shows that Wang Jianbing was arrested by the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau on October 27. He was arrested with the charge of “inciting subversion of state power” and is now being detained in Guangzhou No. 1 Detention Center. In the end of October, Huang Xueqin’s family also received her Notice of Arrest. It is speculated that the serial number is similar to Wang’s, which might be ”Sui Public Security Bureau arrest notice [2021] X1”. The attorney reiterated he would request meetings again.
  • 2021/11/19 Attorney’s visit and bailing requests got denied again: after Wang Jianbing’s family received the Notice of Arrest, Wang’s attorney requested meeting with Wang and for him to be released on bail. The Guangzhou police denied both requests on November 19.
  • 2021/11/19 Family failed to make deposit to Wang Jianbing: Druing the period of being informed of the arrest in September and receiving notice of arrest in November, family members and friends tried to deposit money for the two through the online prison remittance system in Guangzhou No. 1 Detention Center. When Huang and Wang’s names and ID numbers were entered, the system showed “verification failed” and the attempt to deposit also failed. Normally relatives and friends of detainees in Guangdong are able to deposit money through this system. Failure to do so implies that their two’s detention location might be different from what’s indicated on the notice. The real location of their detention remains unknowable, as well as other basic information, such as their health conditions.
  • 2021/12/26 Supporters of the 919 Huang Xueqin and Wang Jianbing case launched the “New Year will be bright, send a postcard to XueBing” campaign, with supporters from various cities of China Mainland, Taipei, Hong Kong, London, and Paris writing postcards and sending them to the Guangzhou City Detention Center, where the two are being held, to express their protest against the police’s malicious arrests and their thoughts for XueBing.
  • 2022/1/25 Chinese MeToo activist & independent journalist HuangXueqin is known to be officially held at Guangzhou No. 2 Detention Center. She have been forcibly disappeared since Sept 19,2021, under the illegitimate charge of inciting subversion of state power. HuangXueqin was unable to be represented or visited by lawyers and her physical and mental health conditions is still unknown. It was previously confirmed that her fellow, the labor activist WangJianbing is held at Guangzhou No.1 Detention Center, under the same charge with her.

国际声援(不断更新)International Solidarity

  1. Amnesty International (国际特赦): China: #MeToo journalist and labour activist facing ‘subversion’ charge must be released, 2021.11.09, https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/11/china-metoo-journalist-and-labour-activist-facing-subversion-charge-must-be-released/

Amnesty International’s China Campaigner Gwen Lee said: “The Chinese government’s disdain for human rights has once again been laid bare by these unjustifiable charges for two activists whose only so-called crime has been to peacefully advocate for the welfare of others. Neither Huang Xueqin or Wang Jianbing have committed any internationally recognized crime. They must be released immediately.”

  1. Reporters Without Borders (无国界记者): RSF calls for release of Chinese investigative journalist, Huang Xueqin, 2021.10.01, https://rsf.org/en/news/rsf-calls-release-chinese-investigative-journalist-huang-xueqin

“Huang Xueqin is a prominent journalist who was only serving the Chinese public interest by investigating social issues, and it is outrageous to suspect her of subversion”, insists Reporters Without Borders (RSF) East-Asia bureau head, Cédric Alviani, who calls for Huang’s “immediate release alongside all other journalists and press freedom defenders detained in China.”

  1. International Federation of Journalists: China: Chinese journalist Huang Xueqin thought detained after disappearance, 2021.09.24, https://www.ifj.org/media-centre/news/detail/category/press-releases/article/china-chinese-journalist-huang-xueqin-thought-detained-after-disappearance.html

“The IFJ said, “Huang’s disappearance is concerning as detainment has been increasingly used by the Chinese government to suppress political dissent. The IFJ stands in solidarity with Huang, who has faced continual harassment by Chinese authorities for drawing attention to important issues in the public interest.””

  1. Chinese Human Rights Defenders(中国人权捍卫者): China: immediately release #MeToo activist and fellow civil society advocate, 2021.09.21, https://www.nchrd.org/2021/09/china-immediately-release-metoo-activist-and-fellow-civil-society-advocate/

“A journalist and an activist have gone missing for two days from the southern provincial capital of Guangzhou. Colleagues and friends fear that local police have taken them into custody. CHRD urges Chinese authorities to investigate their whereabouts and, if they are in official custody, to release them immediately and unconditionally.”

  1. The Coalition For Women in Journalism(女性新闻工作者联盟): China: CFWIJ is Alarmed by the Possible Detention of Sophia Huang Xueqin, 2021.09.28, https://womeninjournalism.org/cfwij-press-statements/china-cfwij-is-alarmed-by-the-possible-detention-of-sophia-huang-xueqin

“The Coalition For Women In Journalism is troubled by Sophia’s disappearance. We demand Chinese authorities immediately share her whereabouts or launch an investigation into the matter. We remain worried that the authorities have intercepted Sophia and are holding her captive. The CFWIJ believes that Chinese authorities must adequately address and inform the public about Sophia’s situation. We stand in solidarity with the journalist and hope for her safe return.”

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