【Case Update】The XueBing case is scheduled for a pre-trial court appearance on September 19th at the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court.

The court recently notified that the XueBing case (feminist activist HuangXueqin & labor activist WangJianbing) will have pre-trial court appearance at 9:30 am on Tuesday, Sept. 19, at Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court. Both Huang’s and Wang’s lawyers will be in attendance. The date for an official trial is not yet announced but may follow the pre-trial meeting CLOSELY.

Since their arrest on Sept. 19, 2021, XueBing have been subjected to “designated residence under surveillance,” torture, physical and psychological torture, dismissal of their lawyers, and NO freedom of communication. The case has been repeatedly delayed by the authorities in investigation and prosecution, and after a full 2 years detention, finally, it will soon reach the “trial”.

As friends of XueBing, we are both outraged and painful. We are outraged that the authorities have been delaying the trial for so long. Even though the “charge” has already been fabricated and the “investigation” has been completed, the authorities delayed the trial in order to weaken the two’s will and to wipe out the public’s attentions. We are #painful about the torture, as well as the physical and psychological hurts they have endured in these draconian political attacks.

As approaching the trial date, we once again express our position: XueBing case is totally a political retaliation against Chinese civil society activists in general, in violation of procedural justice and the Chinese Constitution. The court must refuse to accept and admit the so-called evidence obtained by the police illegally, and the authorities must immediately acquit the two. Any coercion to force the two to plead guilty or to increase the sentence for refusing to plead guilty is a cruel political repression.

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