55名在英女权学者联署声援中国女权姐妹黄雪琴与其友人王建兵 55 Feminist Scholars in the UK Signed a Letter of Solidarity with Chinese Feminist Sister Huang Xueqin and Her Friend Wang Jianbing










An Open Letter to the Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom in Support of HUANG Xueqin, a #Metoo Activist and Independent Journalist from China by Feminist Scholars Based in the UK

Dear Mr.Zheng Zeguang, the Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom,

I have the honour of delivering this open letter on behalf of 55 feminists based in the UK.

We are gravely concerned about the arbitrary and incommunicado detention of HUANG Xueqin. HUANG Xueqin is a Chevening Scholar from China who had planned to travel to the UK to commence postgraduate studies at the University of Sussex in September 2021. She is a leading #MeToo activist and an independent investigative journalist in China, whose inspiring life story is recorded in the article ‘Huang Xueqin: How could a journalist keep silent?’. [1]

International media has reported that HUANG Xueqin, together with her friend WANG Jianbing, a labour rights activist and #MeToo supporter, were secretly arrested by the police of Guangzhou city, China on 19 September 2021.[2] This occurred one day before Xueqin’s departure to take up her scholarship in the UK. Both remain incommunicado since they were forcibly disappeared. A group of volunteers set up a website to update their situation. [3]

We express our utmost concern over the arbitrary arrest and detention of Chinese feminist, Xueqin. This arrest seems to be only aimed at punishing her for her human rights activism. Such an act of repression is utterly shocking and unacceptable.

As feminists based in the UK, we deeply appreciate Xueqin’s great contributions to both the Chinese and international #MeToo movement. We have been anticipating Xueqin’s arrival to UK to share her experiences and knowledge in feminist activism and journalism. It is disappointing that the University of Sussex and Chevening Scholarship have not released any public statement regarding the situation of Xueqin. We believe that her endeavours to promote awareness of sexual harassment and the need for gender equality should be honoured and remembered rather than being censored.

We stand in solidarity with our feminist sister: HUANG Xueqin. In the knowledge that it is extremely politically high-risk for Chinese feminists to openly voice their concern, we speak out as an international feminist community and hope feminists in the UK can join us to call for Xueqin and Jianbing’s release. We invite anyone who is deeply concerned with feminism, labour rights issues and civil society in China to sign this open letter.

We strongly urge Chinese authorities to disclose the whereabouts of HUANG Xueqin and WANG Jianbing and release them immediately and unconditionally.

COSIGNATORIES (This list is arranged according to alphabetical order)

1. Dr. Sarah Abel, Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge
2. Juliet Allen, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge 
3. Dr. Kim Allen, University of Leeds
4. Professor Molly Andrews, University College London
5. Professor Alison Assiter, University of Western England
6. Kate Brockie, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
7. Eliska Bujokova, PhD Candidate, University of Glasgow
8. Anna Bull, University of York
9. Mrs. Achas Burin, Ph.D candidate, University of Oxford
10. Dr. Laura Chuhan Campbell, Assistant Professor in French and Translation Studies, Durham University
11. Dr. Nicholas Chancellor, Teaching Fellow in Quantum Optics at Durham University
12. Professor Andrea Cornwall, SOAS
13. Dr Helen Coskeran, GCRF-AFRICAP Programme Manager, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds
14. Professor Manali Desai, Head of Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge
15. Helen Dixon, Lecturer, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
16. Jerker Edström, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
17. Harriet Evans, Emeritus Professor, Chinese Cultural Studies, University of Westminster; Visiting Professor in Anthropology, LSE
18. Rosalind Eyben, Emeritus Professorial Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
19. Dr. Mónica G Moreno Figueroa, Associate Professor in Sociology, University of Cambridge
20. Dr. Lucie Fremlova, Researcher
21. Professor Anne Gerritsen, University of Warwick
22. Dr. Andrea Glez, Feminist researcher
23. Ruth Holliday, Professor of Gender and Culture, University of Leeds
24. Holly Isard, PhD Student, University of West London 
25. Professor Stevi Jackson, Emeritus Professor, Sociology/Women's Studies, University of York
26. Margaretta Jolly, Professor of Cultural Studies, University of Sussex
27. Professor Sir Richard Jolly, Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex
28. Dr Emma Jones (she/her), Lecturer in Gender and Education, University College London
29. Tessa Lewin, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies
30. Effie Makepeace, PhD candidate, University of Sussex
31. Dr Gráinne McMahon, University of Huddersfield
32. Professor Lyla Mehta, Institute of Development Studies
33. Dr. Alessandra Mezzadri, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies, SOAS
34. Ms Jenny Carla Moran, PhD Candidate in Centre for Gender Studies, University of Cambridge
35. LEONARDO MORANTES-AFRICANO, teacher, educator
36. Dr Tessa Morgan, Research Fellow, University of Auckland
37. Pragna Patel, Director of Southall Black Sisters
38. Shirin Rai, Professor of Politics & International Studies, Director of Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development, University of Warwick
39. Professor Michael J. Reiss, University College London
40. Professor Jessica Ringrose, University College London
41. Dr. Tony Roberts, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies 
42. Professor Saskia Sassen, Columbia University, New York City
43. Dr. Cecilia Sardenberg, Feminist researcher
44. Dr. Laura Schwartz, Reader in Modern British History, University of Warwick 
45. Professor Lynne Segal, Birkbeck College, University of London
46. Dr. Tanya Serisier, Reader in Feminist Theory and Criminology, Birkbeck College, University of London
47. Dr Jacqueline Shaw, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
48. Dr. Karen Throsby, Director, Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds
49. Dr. Lizzie Thynne, Professor of Film, University of Sussex
50. Dr Linda Waldman, Institute of Development Studies 
51. Clare Louise Walsh, MA, Institute of Development Studies Alumni
52. Dr Sibylla Warrington, Feminist researcher
53. Sally Welsh, PhD candidate, Lancaster University
54. Dr. Carol Wolkowitz, Reader, Sociology Department, University of Warwick
55. Professor Nira Yuval-Davis, University of East London


[2]See news reports by Reporters without Borders: https://rsf.org/en/news/rsf-calls-release-chinese-investigative-journalist-huang-xueqin; and South China Morning Post: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/politics/article/3151288/chinas-missing-metoo-and-labour-activist-pair-held-police

[3] https://free-xueq-jianb.github.io/links/

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